I am maintaining the MacOS X port of Mark Harman's Gigalomania, an open source remake of the great Amiga game Mega lo Mania. Please see Mark's website for more information.

You can send me bug reports concerning the MacOS version via mail to


  • There was one report of the application not working on an iMac. If this applies to you too, please send feedback on your system specification and especially on installed programmes.
  • Playing with Touchpad on MacBooks is not a good idea as you will need to right-click a lot.
    • Right-click can be done by holding the Command-key and clicking.
    • It is recommended to use a USB mouse instead.
    • Or change to the new Touchscreen mode



Version 0.24

Old Screenshots


  • iMac5,1 (Core2Duo 2.16 GHz, 3GB RAM) MacOS X 10.6.8
  • macmini2,1 (Core2Duo 2.2 GHz, 3GB RAM) MacOS X 10.6.8
  • macbook air
  • iMac9,1 (Core2Duo) MacOS X 10.6.8
  • MacBook pro (Core2Duo 2.8 GHz, 8GB RAM) MacOS X 10.7.2
Please send me an eMail and let me know if you have a working system!